It’s summer!

Is reading part of your vacation, stay-cation or time relaxing on the back porch?  If it is, what is on your list and how did the  brilliant tradition of summer reading become a part of your plans?

summer reading and wine
Summer Goals

Each year since our 16-year-old son was born, we have been a part of our library’s summer reading program. I could talk for hours about how special that time was for us. Instead just know,  I believe if you are a parent to young children, it is one of the best things you can do with them and for them.

Things have changed  since our kids were small. They are now 13 and 16. Story time on a blanket with the librarian with bubbles and crafts is no longer part of summer reading, but, our kids still enjoy going and picking out books.

I have enjoyed reading since I was a child. When I was in 4th grade we lived in a town that didn’t have a library and so the “book-mobile” would come and visit. My grandma took me, She always checked out a bag of mysteries. And as for me, that was  the year  I discovered Judy Blume.

Summer Reading
Vintage Judy Blume Are you there God? It’s Me, Margaret

I started college in the summer and remember buying Alice Walker’s “Possessing the Secret of Joy” and reading it in my dorm room. Reading Alice Walker, inspired me to read Toni Morrison. And that lead to me finding one of my all time favorite story tellers – Zora Neal Hurston.



So trying to lead by example and doing my best to keep our tradition going this year…  I made my own summer reading list.

And my first book was delivered to our door this week. I have already dove right in. I have read all of Amy Tan’s other books and she is like an old friend. When I opened up the book, it felt like we picked up right where we left off.

Here are some of my favorite books from the past. I think summer reading should be for pleasure, no self help, no business books, no trying to get ahead. For me it is a time to let me mind take a vacation. Any of these will fit that bill.

Favorite Vintage Books


Looking for extra incentives to get your kids reading this summer?

Barnes and Noble is giving away a free book to each kids that participates in the summer reading program.

Pizza Hut, who offer’s “book it” all school year, has some special free activities for kids this summer.

And if you love old fashioned, vintage books that you won’t find in your big box store. Here are a few.







  • Our kids and I are voracious readers, too. We stock up on books all year long to read and have a home library filled with our favorites. My boys love the Nicolas Flamel books, all books by Eoin Colfer, the Leven Thumps series, the Charlie Bone series… ah! Too many to mention!

    Your idea of reading for pleasure is definitely the key for Summer books – I like that! While I love the classics, I also love all the books by John Sandford, Patricia Cornwell, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and John Saul. I even have a few Michael Crichton books saved up for this Summer while laying out at the pool.

    I hope you and your kids enjoy your Summer reading – this is a great article and nice reminder to everyone to read this Summer!

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