The leaves in Pennsylvania are starting to turn. The kids are back in school and cravings for all things apple and pumpkin are occupying my thoughts.

This could only mean 1 thing. It’s vintage sweater weather.

Sweater Weather Sign

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a comfy sweater. Whether your style is cozy and loose or tight and sexy; there is something special about a favorite weather. I love to rock a vintage sweater.   I love how fun and bold many of them were back in my day, (the late 80’s.)  What is your favorite go to sweater weather outfit? Do you like the form fitted, bombshell look? And if you do, would you have ever worn a bullet bra beneath? 😉

Bombshell Vintage Sweaters


Or do you like the more modern cardigan tied in the back with deep pockets in the front? How about the ever fun sweater dress, that no one knew was a dress until you wore it without leggings, belted it and through some heels on? I love a sweater that covers the tush and with the popularity of leggings right now, I am hoping to see more around.

The 80’s had the best sweaters (IMO) They had all of the fun in the sweaters above but with amazing colors, embellishments and patterns.

vintage sweater weather
Vintage 80’s Sweater

In the late 90’s something happened and it seemed like the length of the sweater’s were getting shorter and the arms were getting longer? These looked great on my tall friends, but on me… not so much.

Vintage 90’s sweater

I think my all time favorite was a long sweater in the late 80’s that was super long and I had a black belt that was even longer. I could wrap the belt around the sweater 3 times. I wore it over black leggings and rocked it with black heels; despite only being in junior high.

I love vintage sweater weather and as a way of saying thank you for reading my blog and subscribing, I want to share something special with you. I am adding a whole bunch of vintage – retro sweater’s to my shop, MollyFinds. Not only do you get the first peek on here. But here is a coupon code for you to use with any sweater purchase because I appreciate you. You may use this coupon on one or multiple fashion purchases. It is good for 20% off with coupon code SweaterWeather .

Ladies, make sure you check them all out, there are a ton for the man in your life.

Sweater Sale Preview!





  • Molly, my favorite “sweater” right now is an over-sized zippered navy blue hooded sweatshirt. I never wear the hood. It’s certainly not stylish, but it’s comfy and it’s my “go-to”. BTW, I do remember the sweater styles of the 80s and 90s. Some were more challenging than others…like the shorter waist and longer sleeves of the 90s.

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