As I prepare for back to school shopping plans with my kids, I’ve had a few daydreams about my own back to school shopping. It would now be, “vintage back to school shopping.”

A fun guide for 80’s back to school:

When I was a small girl, I didn’t get excited about back to school clothes shopping. Instead I remember being super stoked about the school supplies. A new backpack, lunch box, crayons, a pencil case and new pencils. I still love going to the office supply store and looking at all of the cool pens, lined paper, highlighters and as a photographer, of course Sharpies.

Pac-Man Pencil Box Smurfs Lunch Box
1980s Vintage Back to School Supplies



When I started 7th grade things changed and it was all about the clothes, the shoes, the jewelry. Madonna and Cyndi Lauper were on par for what I wanted and I transformed from pullover collar shirts with pants (yuck) to skirts, nylons, heels and accessories from head to toe. Not the most practical thing in the world, but it made me feel good about myself. I try to allow my almost teen daughter to enjoy setting her own style and showing her personality as well. And luckily  “pumps,” are not en vogue right now, they wouldn’t be good for the walk home from school.

This is a recap of an outfit I actually owned:

I still have the silver snake bracelet in my jewelry box.


super fashion style
80s Vintage Back To School



Trends change and people either adapt to the trends, form and shape their own unique style, or just don’t care about it either way. How do you define your personal style? Or are you still finding your own style?  I think finding and defining a style that makes you happy,  is one of  coolest things that can happen.

And now as my kids are preparing for their personal style, I think I will try to get out of my “rut” which has been jeans, jeans and more jeans!  BTW I don’t own a pair of mom jeans.

Do you remember a back to school time when you showed your personal style? Was it a trend or something you came up with? I would love for you to share and a picture would be welcome too.


  • I always loved the school supplies, too! Personal fashion style? I’ve never been into trends of any kind just for the sake of something being “trendy”. In school, I just wore what I liked, and it didn’t bother me at all being “out of style”. I liked (and still do) cropped tops, straight-leg jeans, and pointy-toed shoes. Fun to see what your style was!

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