Protect yourself, your family and your Friends


When you hear “protect yourself,” or “safety talk,”  what comes to mind? Do you think – kids, stranger danger, buckle up for safety, lock your doors and / or use the buddy system?  Those are all  useful catch phrases and can be turned into good advice. But,  I admit they don’t  get me “pumped up.”  Now what do you think of when you hear,  stun guns, pepper sprays and personal alarms?

Maybe those words intimidate you and the products sound far-fetched because you don’t think you could ever carry these things with you. You are not alone.

Maybe you have been in a situation where the hair came up on the back of your neck because you could sense danger and instead of feeling empowered and equipped on how to protect yourself,  you felt panic.

We have all experienced it. You are not alone.

Not too long ago, I found out about an opportunity to teach women how to protect themselves and the people they love while also showing them how to equip themselves with excellent self-defense products.   I jumped on the opportunity by expanding my work from home business to include being a Damsel Pro.

learn to protect yourself
Molly Damsel Pro

I’m so happy and excited. This is new a direction for me, becoming  part of a nationwide group of ladies who work, to Equip, Empower and Educate women on how to be safer.  It is fun and challenging in a wonderful way.  I get to go to parties, give presentations, talks and empower hours while showing off really cool stuff.

And the more I share, the more I learn. And the more I learn, the more I become aware of the world around me. Becoming aware hasn’t made me scared. I feel better prepared.

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month. And domestic violence is one of the things I have been learning a lot about.

protetct yourself
Speak Up


It is staggering the amount of women who live, have lived, escaped or even died in an abusive relationship. I had never paid close attention to the statistics. And there are a lot of them. But each statistic is someone’s real truth and hell. If you are experiencing domestic violence or know someone who is, please reach out for help. If you are a victim, know that you matter and there is help. If you are a friend, Speak Up! You can call 1-800-799-7233 or go to



If learning more about how to protect yourself is something you would like, let me know I can help you choose what works best for you and if you are as pumped up about this opportunity to be “ON MISSION,” I would love to help you get started and become part of the, “tribe.”

work from home MLM
Join My Tribe


Two Steps Forward One Step Back – Keep Moving Forward


Two Steps Forward One Step Back – Keep Moving Forward

Do you  remember the Paula Abdul song, Opposites Attract? In that song one person tried to continue moving forward, but the other one always took a step back.

Keep Moving Forward
Paula Abdul Opposites Attract

I have been pondering some and actually making other changes since summer when I started my “lifestyle change.” And since the beginning of fall I have even added a new business in my life, Damsels in Defense. (which by the way I am completely loving and will share more about it later)

But like everything, change is hard. There are growth pains, new routines and giving up old habits to make room for new things. A friend was sharing on Facebook about her weight struggles and I wished her well on getting started and shared that I “take 2 steps forward and 1 step back. But I keep moving.” I wasn’t trying to be clever, but I realize after reading it, moving forward is the goal. The goal in growing a business, raising a family or losing weight is not to avoid obstacles, have failures or only win. The goal is to keep moving.

Meet The Robinsons Keep Moving Forward

I lost my 5%, I stayed accountable for several months and I did it with someone I love. Those are all wonderful, moving forward steps. I gained 3 pounds back. And I was disappointed in myself. But should I be really? I could quit now, like I have in the past. I could throw the towel in and say, “Well Molly, you screwed it up. The good changes are over!”

moving forward
Vintage Crosswalk Sign

Or I can choose to keep moving. I can keep moving forward knowing that there will be more obstacles. And I can remind myself that I can re-lose those 3 pounds plus more!

Momentum is a beautiful thing. It is the magic that happens when we start a new project or have a new goal and it is that sweet spot where we are succeeding and winning. Our momentum propels us forward, sometimes effortlessly. And when something stalls or stops the momentum, like a boat with the wind knocked out of the sales, we feel lost and sometimes even wrecked. But unlike a sail boat, you are not at the mercy of the wind and waves. You can decide to redirect away from the things that took you off your target. And you can keep moving forward toward the goals you want to achieve.

Cape May New Jersey
Beach Photography

Feel free to share your own upcoming goals, projects… things that you want to keep moving forward on.


Are you ready for Vintage Sweater Weather – What’s your style?


The leaves in Pennsylvania are starting to turn. The kids are back in school and cravings for all things apple and pumpkin are occupying my thoughts.

This could only mean 1 thing. It’s vintage sweater weather.

Sweater Weather Sign

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a comfy sweater. Whether your style is cozy and loose or tight and sexy; there is something special about a favorite weather. I love to rock a vintage sweater.   I love how fun and bold many of them were back in my day, (the late 80’s.)  What is your favorite go to sweater weather outfit? Do you like the form fitted, bombshell look? And if you do, would you have ever worn a bullet bra beneath? 😉

Bombshell Vintage Sweaters


Or do you like the more modern cardigan tied in the back with deep pockets in the front? How about the ever fun sweater dress, that no one knew was a dress until you wore it without leggings, belted it and through some heels on? I love a sweater that covers the tush and with the popularity of leggings right now, I am hoping to see more around.

The 80’s had the best sweaters (IMO) They had all of the fun in the sweaters above but with amazing colors, embellishments and patterns.

vintage sweater weather
Vintage 80’s Sweater

In the late 90’s something happened and it seemed like the length of the sweater’s were getting shorter and the arms were getting longer? These looked great on my tall friends, but on me… not so much.

Vintage 90’s sweater

I think my all time favorite was a long sweater in the late 80’s that was super long and I had a black belt that was even longer. I could wrap the belt around the sweater 3 times. I wore it over black leggings and rocked it with black heels; despite only being in junior high.

I love vintage sweater weather and as a way of saying thank you for reading my blog and subscribing, I want to share something special with you. I am adding a whole bunch of vintage – retro sweater’s to my shop, MollyFinds. Not only do you get the first peek on here. But here is a coupon code for you to use with any sweater purchase because I appreciate you. You may use this coupon on one or multiple fashion purchases. It is good for 20% off with coupon code SweaterWeather .

Ladies, make sure you check them all out, there are a ton for the man in your life.

Sweater Sale Preview!




Martini – Shaken not stirred


When we went on a cruise for our anniversary, we discovered the art and taste of a beautifully made martini. There is something special about this classic cocktail.

The tall glass with the wider top,  the special treats on the bottom of the glass ( olives, chocolate, fruit) all make the drink more exciting.

Shopping for the ingredients, getting out the bar ware and then the preparation to present the polished off drink is a classy experience.

When my grandmother was alive, dirty martini’s were her favorite. I never had one with her. I don’t like olives and so I thought the drinks were probably gross.

I wish I would have enjoyed at least 1 with her. I still don’t like to eat olives, But I do enjoy the flavor they add to my drink.

At this point I haven’t met one of these special mixed drinks that I don’t like. But for the sake of nostalgia, here is a classic Dirty Martini Recipe.

Dirty Martini Recipe

Here are some vintage ideas to start your own home bar or booze cart.


Entertaining with Style
And here are a few more touches to inspire you to have friends over for cocktails:



A Man Walks into a bar


ALWAYS chill your glass before making your drink. It’s worth the extra effort, I promise. This is the way “Dr. Booze,” did it on the cruise ship and how we do it at home.


Keep Going with your Lifestyle Change


Checking in today with an update on how my lifestyle change is going. I would be lying if I said the past couple of weeks have gone as smooth as the first couple of weeks. The motivation to keep going with food and meal preparation has slowed down. The enjoyment of  slicing the fresh fruit has gone out the window. Partly because the past 2 watermelons I bought, after slicing them and getting messy turned out to not be so great (RED ALERT – Old Way of Thinking – it’s an excuse and I realize it.)   Excuses aside, here is a link on choosing a proper watermelon so you don’t have the same disappointment.

This morning a lady shared a quote by golfer,  Bobby Jones “Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course – the distance between your ears. ” And so is the weight loss game. My mind has allowed me to get complacent with food shopping and I have let some old ways slip back in, rationalizing that it’s OK because I have been losing. It’s way to early in this journey to get cocky.

I acknowledge all of it today. And now that I acknowledge it, I own it and must change it. If I want to succeed, I must keep going. We all must.

On the plus side, I am still losing. My total is 13.4 pounds. I was hoping to hit 15 before we leave for vacation Saturday. But I am not going to get myself down over a silly day I threw out in my mind. It is a lifestyle change and a journey.

I have enjoyed looking up visuals and sharing what the pounds that I have lost look like.  You have seen what my fat loss looked like at 2 weeks.   And then I showed it again and again at 10 pounds.

Today for a little fun twist, I am spreading some love, remembering one of the sweetest friends I ever had and showing you what the weight I lost looks like with 4 legs…

My Sweet Chewey Rescue Pet He Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Miniature Schnauzer’s weigh between 13 and 14 pounds at a year old. All of my dogs have been rescue’s and I love the dearly. In memory of Chewey who passed several years ago, here are some photo’s of some Miniature Schnauzer’s that are available  right now!

And if you are looking to start moving and make a lifestyle change; rescuing a dog could help the both of you. These little guys and gals are also a reminder to keep going. They can’t afford to give up or give in.

For Adoption “JACK” Miniature Schnauzer
Adult Male “Connor” available Ohio
Schnauzer “Crow T. Robot” Cleveland, OH

And now I am a bit teary even though he has been gone 4 years. Remember, don’t shop! Adopt!

Show off your Patriotic Style – Easy Last Minute Ideas


Tomorrow is the 4th of July~ I love patriotic decorations, always feel proud when I see the American flag waving in the wind and have never met an apple pie I didn’t like.

The 4th of July is the juicy center of summer, book ended by Memorial Day and Labor Day. And where we go to celebrate the 4th, you dare not come without at least a t-shirt in red – white or blue.

Now that I work outside of the home at a winery in addition to my online businesses, I thought I would put together a little last-minute round-up for anyone who wants to looks like they put a lot of  thought and energy into the day but just didn’t have a lot of extra time.

First of all my Go to picnic potluck dish is a patriotic trifle bowl dessert. I love trifle desserts because they are easy and delicious. But they also add instant seasonal ambience to the table if you do a themed one.

Patriotic Red White and Blue
Patriotic Trifle Dessert

I have adapted my recipe from the more time-consuming and higher in calorie content ones, since I am working hard at a lifestyle change.


  • Fresh Angel Food Cake (I get store-bought in the bakery)
  • Cool Whip
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries

Thaw your cool whip, wash your berries and allow them to dry and then tear the angel food cake into bit size pieces.

From there you just layer. I admit my first attempts although they tasted just as good then as they do now, did not come out picture perfect. And that’s okay. But I recommend taking your time and having clean paper towels near you. This way when you are layering in between the cool whip, when it smears you can wipe it down to make it pretty.

But remember this is supposed to be an EASY and QUICK recipe so don’t stress. I promise your family will ask for this over and over again regardless if there are some smudges.

Is your family picture ready for the 4th? Other than jeans or denim shorts, we usually forget about this part. No problem. If you have an Old Navy near you – They have you covered! These are usually very inexpensive and readily vailable because a couple of years ago we bought some on the way to the picnic. No Old Navy near you? It’s okay WallyWorld usually has very inexpensive T’s as well for your whole tribe. Grab them and change in the car…. No one will be the wiser, they will think you have been planning for weeks;)

Old Navy Patriotic T 2017

And how about some adult beverages? I think any hostess would appreciate red white and blue gift in the form of wine . I suggest, Blueberry, Strawberry or Merlot and a nice White Moscato.

Summer is about enjoying time with friends and family. I hope one of these easy little tips will help you do just that with no worry:)


How to Start your Weight Loss Winning Streak


It’s been 4 weeks since I decided to make a lifestyle change.  And each week I have weighed in, I have celebrated a weight loss.

I am not bragging. But on this weight loss journey I want to enjoy all of it because I know eventually I will hit a plateau or I might even have a gain (gasp).

Winning Weight Loss Streak


This week, I  am super happy to share that I hit my first goal, which was 10 pounds!  I had my mind-set on 10 pounds for the first month. I felt like I could do it, even though  I  “heard” not to expect it because the biggest losses happen in the first 2 weeks. But this is my journey, so I put what I “heard” aside and believed I could.

She Believed She Could – So She Did

Obviously what I have been eating or not eating and how much I have been moving is affecting my weight loss. But this week I want to give credit to the scale. Why would I want to give credit to the scale? It is  possibly the most hated inanimate objects on the planet. But I believe it helped me achieve my 4 week goal. How did the scale help me? I was able to schedule a date with it on the same day and time each week. I don’t like to get stood up, so I showed up ready to be accountable for the number:  good, bad or the same.

So if you are just beginning a new lifestyle change, before you plan a menu or join a gym, I encourage you to pick a day and time of the week that works for you to be accountable to yourself. And if you are like the majority of people, a buddy or partner that you can be accountable to. This makes everything more fun and the success rate is higher with a friend. I am lucky, I have my mom~

But whatever you do schedule your date with the scale!

weigh-in stickers Erin Condren Life Planner


Okay, so now that I have blown virtual confetti all over myself because the numbers look good. I have a confession. I don’t notice a difference in the mirror yet. And I am not sure if I can feel it either. Are my jeans easier to button of did I just not wash them yet this week?

So, as an encouragement to myself I am sharing a visual image of what 10 pounds of fat looks like! And I hope it will encourage you as well. If you are just beginning. I have a visual of my first week, 3.4 pound weight loss that will hopefully motivate you to see each pound counts:)

10 pound weight loss
10 Pounds of Fat

So in closing,  If you are already on a journey and are have a success story to share or a struggle you need some support with, or if you are just playing with the idea of starting; Join Me. I would love to hear your thoughts, feel free to share in the comment section. And have a great weekend. Be kind to yourself.

What’s on your Summer Reading List?


It’s summer!

Is reading part of your vacation, stay-cation or time relaxing on the back porch?  If it is, what is on your list and how did the  brilliant tradition of summer reading become a part of your plans?

summer reading and wine
Summer Goals

Each year since our 16-year-old son was born, we have been a part of our library’s summer reading program. I could talk for hours about how special that time was for us. Instead just know,  I believe if you are a parent to young children, it is one of the best things you can do with them and for them.

Things have changed  since our kids were small. They are now 13 and 16. Story time on a blanket with the librarian with bubbles and crafts is no longer part of summer reading, but, our kids still enjoy going and picking out books.

I have enjoyed reading since I was a child. When I was in 4th grade we lived in a town that didn’t have a library and so the “book-mobile” would come and visit. My grandma took me, She always checked out a bag of mysteries. And as for me, that was  the year  I discovered Judy Blume.

Summer Reading
Vintage Judy Blume Are you there God? It’s Me, Margaret

I started college in the summer and remember buying Alice Walker’s “Possessing the Secret of Joy” and reading it in my dorm room. Reading Alice Walker, inspired me to read Toni Morrison. And that lead to me finding one of my all time favorite story tellers – Zora Neal Hurston.



So trying to lead by example and doing my best to keep our tradition going this year…  I made my own summer reading list.

And my first book was delivered to our door this week. I have already dove right in. I have read all of Amy Tan’s other books and she is like an old friend. When I opened up the book, it felt like we picked up right where we left off.

Here are some of my favorite books from the past. I think summer reading should be for pleasure, no self help, no business books, no trying to get ahead. For me it is a time to let me mind take a vacation. Any of these will fit that bill.

Favorite Vintage Books


Looking for extra incentives to get your kids reading this summer?

Barnes and Noble is giving away a free book to each kids that participates in the summer reading program.

Pizza Hut, who offer’s “book it” all school year, has some special free activities for kids this summer.

And if you love old fashioned, vintage books that you won’t find in your big box store. Here are a few.






Lifestyle Change


It’s been about 2 weeks since I decided to make a real lifestyle change. With summer temptations being all around me I started to map out a plan. And I also committed to sharing how it was going; good or bad. And so far; I think it is going well.

In my first week I was down 3.4 pounds and while that doesn’t seem like a lot compared to what contestant’s on the Biggest Loser drop in the first week. I remind myself, that this journey is not a competition with anyone else

AND 3.4 pounds is the same as 13 sticks of butter!

lifestyle change


And more butter



ALL of this PLUS 1 more stick of butter.. GONE!

Nothing to complain about.







What has my lifestyle change included so far?

  • I used my Fitbit everyday to see how much I was doing and  I joined a friendly challenge to keep me motivated
  • I ate fruit. I ate a ton of fruit. Every morning started with watermelon or bananas
  • I took my tall water bottle with me everyday to work and I finished it
  • I joined a group to keep me accountable
  • I enjoyed my glass of wine each night


My most challenging times this week have been:

  • On day 2 my husband called and offered Philly cheese steaks – I declined and had a left over chicken salad
  • My dad and my husband were trying out the new smoker with ribs!!! I didn’t avoid them, I just didn’t have the brown sugar or Coke rubbed and marinated on mine
  • The hardest moment was on our youth group Pot Luck last week – I was setting out ALL of the home baked brownies, cookies, cakes and more. I the past this is where I would cave and say, “well it’s okay I will only have 1.” This time, no. I started to several times but changed my mind. I had extra fruit and counted out the actual serving size of the tortilla chips and salsa. And I felt great after making that choice. There was as much joy in overcoming that challenge as there would have been in eating the brownie!

Somethings I have enjoyed in my new lifestyle change

  • Fresh Fruit (there is no better time of year)
  • Salads with protein – grilled chicken or taco meat –  I enjoy my salad dressing
  • Lots of chilled water
  • Sweet and Salty Granola Bars from Nature’s Valley
  • Walking our dogs more – and they like it too



Luckily,  I have not had the desire to go and buy a bunch of junk food. I believe this has more to do with my body enjoying the natural sugars in the fruits more and not craving them, rather than me having strong will power. These past 10 days I have been feeding my body what it was meant to have. I also think not being on the computer for work as many hours in the day has helped with my cravings a lot. I am not seeing all of the advertisements and dare I say… all of the tantalizing food recipes on Pinterest.

If you know you want to make a lifestyle change, or are already on your journey; Jump in!  Follow along with me and let me know in the comments how it is going for you.



Dirty Old Mirror? Make it shine


What makes an old  mirror so cool?

Vintage Mirrors
Old Mirror Collection

They come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Old vintage mirrors can be elegant, like the floor length in a ladies bedroom or the ornate ones above a beautiful buffet. When I was a wedding photographer, one of my favorite moments to capture was a bride in the mirror before the ceremony.

They can be spooky like the ones in the Haunted Mansion at Disney World. I admit this is one of our “must do’s” every time we visit. We can’t wait to see who is in the mirror with us. Creepy right?

Old Vintage Antique mirrir
Disney Haunted Mansion Mirror

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul. And I wonder if that is true, does it mean that we can look deeply within ourselves while gazing at our reflection in the mirror?  I am usually doing a quick check or trying to “fix” something specific while I am in front of the mirror. I don’t know that I have ever looked deeply into my own eyes…

I put this post together because I want to show you a trick that worked for me when I was trying to clean an old vanity mirror. It had some foggy areas and some gunky areas. I tried glass cleaner. I rubbed hard, tried saturating it more with what is supposed to be blue liquid magic. But it wasn’t working. I looked up some old “wives tricks.”

What you need:

  • a dirty old mirror
  • paper towels
  • glass cleaner
  • regular old shaving cream (the new magic ingredient)

Step 1 : Clean the mirror with regular glass cleaner. It’s safe to assume you already tried this and it didn’t work and so you have come here for help. Can you see the gunk in the corner? It is a residue of some kind. Possibly from furniture polish over the years when the previous owner was cleaning the wood vanity.

dirty old mirror
How To: Clean an old Mirror


Step 2: Squirt regular shaving cream onto the affected area. I used Men’s Nivea gel because that is what we had. I got carried away and squirted enough to do a floor length mirror I think.

Step 3: In a circular motion buff the area. If you added to much don’t worry. Have some fun rubbing it in. Add a clean paper towel as needed. The more you swirl the paper towel around, the cleaner you will see it is becoming. Make sure you remove all of the shaving cream. Please note there were some little pieces of residue that didn’t come up while I was polishing with the paper towel. I found that the shaving cream had loosened them and I was able to lift them with my fingernail.

Step 4: Spray with the blue glass cleaner and do a final shine.

Just a little PSA: I am not an expert and I cannot guarantee this will work for you. But it worked for me. If you have an expensive heirloom or high value piece, consider taking it to a professional. This is just an easy DIY Old Mirror cleaning tutorial to try in a pinch.