The book “Twist of Faith,”  is the true story of Anne Beiler.  A woman of faith, you may recognize her by her nickname, “Auntie Anne.” She began her business career with a very small farmer’s market stand that grew into an empire, blessing 850 franchise owners and employee’s with opportunity, not only throughout the country but eventually spreading across the world. Who would think with no more than an 8th grade education, that making a pretzels, something that is sold at every sporting event, skating rink and mall, usually bland, boring and predictable could turn into an empire.

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If you are anything like Anne Beiler and trust in God to provide and make your way, then you would have believed it as well. I do my best to trust in God at every step in my life, but I have to say with all of the challenge, bumps and turns that were put in her family’s path throughout the years; I wonder if I would have had steadfast faith to bring it to God’s full plan of fruition. Perhaps that’s why many of us don’t ever experience the full harvest, because we give up before it has a time to reach the full blessing God had planned for us. How many times do we say, “Yes God.” And then the first time something uncomfortable happens, we say, “Maybe this wasn’t really God’s plan.” We are just taking the easy way out, but in the end robbing ourselves of the prize.

Anne was born into a Mennonite family and her husband a traditional Amish family in Pennsylvania. They met under sweet circumstances and started a family, living near family and doing okay financially. But the tragic loss of a child brought her to a breaking point. They ended up a 1000 miles away from their faith-based community and it was there that a man told them he believed God had something in store for her that she could not even dream up. He was right.

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Whoever said, “you can’t go home,” was wrong. Anne and her family did go back home and the story of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels was set into motion.

Anne is so transparent in this story of self, including some of her darkest and weakest moments. The journey to the top with “Auntie Anne’s Pretzels,” was anything but smooth. Just because success is brewing for a person of faith does not mean we can walk without stumbling. Even in the midst of a blessing we can and do make mistakes.  Anne’s story shows that by continuing to turn to God, God is always faithful. He forgives, he continues to bless and follow through with his plan, even when we seem to be sabotaging it. We cannot outdo God. No matter how badly we feel about ourselves, how much we sin, how much we doubt; He is there. He is always there and will always be there, waiting for us to turn back into his arms. I remember hearing our pastor, Dave Bish, who passed away on my birthday this year, say one time, you can take a hundred steps away from the Lord, but it only takes One step back. (he said it something like that:)

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Loss, depression, anger are all 3 things that can paralyze a person emotionally, spiritually and physically. With love and forgiveness, we can heal. This story is a story of love and faith and forgiveness. This book doesn’t just touch on these 3 things, it brings them into the light where they can be thought about and talked about.

This book is for any woman who has suffered any of these and for anyone who has a dream, the spirit of an entrepreneur and faith.  I believe Anne would tell you, she didn’t do it alone.  She was surrounded by a loving and faithful husband and family and friends from beginning to present; People that could steer her in the right direction when she needed it. To me that’s something everyone needs. We can have a 1000 friends or acquaintance that are “there for us.” But if they don’t share our values and our mission, they could steer us off our path even with good intentions.

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Keep your head held high and keep moving in the direction of your dream. Anything is possible with God.

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If you don’t have an Auntie Anne’s Pretzels near you, you can try this copycat recipe. But after reading this book and ironically heading east to the King of Prussia Mall tomorrow, I will be stopping in to have a hot one served to me with sugar. I cannot wait. I love to support small business.

Twist Pretzel Recipe

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