Pantone’s color of 2016 is Rose Quartz with Serenity. Its lovely, but for spring I am seeing Rose Quartz with Splash GreenĀ as an incredible pairing that we find in nature. Fore example this tiny seedling of a pepper plant is naturally splash green and has a lovely rose quartz background.

Rose Quartz with Splash Green
Tiny Pepper Plant Seedling Photograph

And when we combine nature and a found object like this rose quartz – pink vintage trailer in the wood and the rambling neon or splash green trees and leaves we get something rustic and lovely.

vintage spooky trailer in rose quartz and splash green
Rustic Pink Trailer in the Woods Photograph

And because I love vintage, I wanted to show that people have been using this color pallet for a very long time. And no coincidence it has a touch of nature to it.

Rose Quartz and Splash Green Vintage
Country Gingham Vintage Mikasa Plate

I find the most beautiful colors to not be manmade but already created in nature and then expanded on by artists and designers. In fact my son has this bold green choice on his bedroom walls and it was called, “grass,” when he chose it. Do you have a favorite Pantone color for spring? Or have you found a favorite pairing of the spring Pantone colors? Please share your favorites in the comments below.

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