Sharkskin and Spicy Mustard. It sounds like a menu item from a restaurant in an exotic foreign land. But it’s not. Not here anyway. Do  you look forward to Pantone’s seasonal color collections?  Or wait  to find out what will be hailed the color of the year? For the past few years I have enjoyed watching this seasonal color forecast.

Thew newest Pantone Colors for Fall 2016 are out. And when I looked at the set of 10 colors, 2 stuck out to me right away, Sharkskin and Spicy Mustard.


Fall 2016 Trends
Pantone Sharkskin and Spicy Mustard


Think of the colors on the Pantone strip as a starting point for inspiration. According to the Pantone site, Sharkskin or Gray gives us a feeling of stability and Spicy Mustard or Yellows, suggest a touch of the exotic.

Here are 2 collections I enjoyed putting together using Sharkskin with a side of Spice Mustard.

First for the Home Decor side:

Pantones Sharkskin with Spicy Mustard

And Next I played with the colors for the Fall Fashion Side:
Fashion in Spicy Mustard and Sharkskin

I have to say I am sort of in love with the sharkskin color Giorgio Armani blouse up in the corner, that with a backpack and sunglasses and I could take off in style for the weekend.
I am not much a of a trend follower when it comes to decorating my home, but I enjoy seeing what I already have that maybe has been put away or is not front and center and bringing it out in a new way. So sometimes just adding a pop of the newest trendy color can make a room feel fresh.  If you want to go all out, you can get the newest hot paint color and do a piece of furniture, an accent wall or get completely into it and paint the whole room. Upholstering a piece of furniture in a new fresh color pallet is also an option.
DIY Make a Sofa Wrap
What are you favorite color combinations from Pantone’s new Fall Collection? I would love to hear it in the comments or on my Facebook or Twitter. I love inspirational chatter;)


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