When you hear “protect yourself,” or “safety talk,”  what comes to mind? Do you think – kids, stranger danger, buckle up for safety, lock your doors and / or use the buddy system?  Those are all  useful catch phrases and can be turned into good advice. But,  I admit they don’t  get me “pumped up.”  Now what do you think of when you hear,  stun guns, pepper sprays and personal alarms?

Maybe those words intimidate you and the products sound far-fetched because you don’t think you could ever carry these things with you. You are not alone.

Maybe you have been in a situation where the hair came up on the back of your neck because you could sense danger and instead of feeling empowered and equipped on how to protect yourself,  you felt panic.

We have all experienced it. You are not alone.

Not too long ago, I found out about an opportunity to teach women how to protect themselves and the people they love while also showing them how to equip themselves with excellent self-defense products.   I jumped on the opportunity by expanding my work from home business to include being a Damsel Pro.

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Molly Damsel Pro

I’m so happy and excited. This is new a direction for me, becoming  part of a nationwide group of ladies who work, to Equip, Empower and Educate women on how to be safer.  It is fun and challenging in a wonderful way.  I get to go to parties, give presentations, talks and empower hours while showing off really cool stuff.

And the more I share, the more I learn. And the more I learn, the more I become aware of the world around me. Becoming aware hasn’t made me scared. I feel better prepared.

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month. And domestic violence is one of the things I have been learning a lot about.

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Speak Up


It is staggering the amount of women who live, have lived, escaped or even died in an abusive relationship. I had never paid close attention to the statistics. And there are a lot of them. But each statistic is someone’s real truth and hell. If you are experiencing domestic violence or know someone who is, please reach out for help. If you are a victim, know that you matter and there is help. If you are a friend, Speak Up! You can call 1-800-799-7233 or go to www.thehotline.org



If learning more about how to protect yourself is something you would like, let me know I can help you choose what works best for you and if you are as pumped up about this opportunity to be “ON MISSION,” I would love to help you get started and become part of the, “tribe.”

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