Sometimes the tiniest things pack the biggest punch. The Taco Bell Chihuahua,  Minions, Reaper Peppers and Sour Candy are just a few well-known power puncher’s that enter my mind.Little Things Pack a BIG Punch


But, how about something natural that packs just as big a punch, but in a more subtle way? Maybe even something that causes pause when seen and stir’s the heart when read about. There is such a thing and it is the pansy. Soon they will be popping up in stores, along sidewalks, in window boxes and inside beautiful pots. They are tiny, soft, delicate little flowers with brilliantly painted vivid colors of purple and yellow.
pansy flower
Hand Beaded Pansy Flower Brooch by: BeadifulByJill

What is it about these tiny but mighty little flowers? They are everywhere, not just in your flower garden or in a pot; they are in fashion, home decor and even in dessert.


Head To Toe Pansies

Pansies have been romanticized, written about and visualized for years. Margaret Mitchell, Nathaniel Hawthorne and even Shakespeare made reference to this lovely little flower. Master painters including Van Gogh and  Georgia O’Keeffe have had them sit as their subject. And we cannot forget Alice,  one of my all time favorite characters, as she danced around and sang “All in the Golden Afternoon.” Their very name means, “thought,” or “free thinker.”  And I love learning that about the pansy because it is now perfectly clear to me why Alice, while being in a huge flower garden, would be with them.

Now that pansy season is coming, how will you incorporate them into your lifestyle? Maybe you will keep your hands out of the dirt and invest in some wall art featuring their beautiful petals for a pop of color in your space, or deck yourself out from head to toe, with some of the fashion suggestions above. Those are all fun ideas. But if you do decide to grow some of these flowers, here are some things you can do with them,

Make and Bake some beautiful cookies and indulge in their blossoms:

pansy cookie recipe
Edible Pansies Cookie

Or make a gorgeous ice ring to bring to the next baby or bridal shower:

pansies flowers edible
Pansy Flower Ice Ring

Despite how awesome they are, pansies are easy to grow. They don’t cave easily to insect and bad soil. But you must remember to water them regularly. And at the end of the season, maybe save a few to press in a poetry book for someone else to discover years down the road.

pansies flower
Pressed Vintage Flowers

Ans P.S. if you hear someone call them Johnny Jump Ups, yep, that’s right to. Those are the wild sort.


  • I’ve enjoyed your post! I love Pansy’s especially the all orange ones (they’re kind of hard to find).

    It won’t be long now before all the Johnny Jump-ups start appearing in our woods and along side our driveway. When they do, it looks like a carpet of purple, they are so thick. They weren’t planted, they just appear every Spring and are delightful!

    We use the Pansy petals in salads (both fruit and vegetable salads) and I freeze them into ice cubes and serve them with limeade and lemonade. Using them on cookies is a great idea – thanks for that tip!

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