Two Steps Forward One Step Back – Keep Moving Forward

Do you  remember the Paula Abdul song, Opposites Attract? In that song one person tried to continue moving forward, but the other one always took a step back.

Keep Moving Forward
Paula Abdul Opposites Attract

I have been pondering some and actually making other changes since summer when I started my “lifestyle change.” And since the beginning of fall I have even added a new business in my life, Damsels in Defense. (which by the way I am completely loving and will share more about it later)

But like everything, change is hard. There are growth pains, new routines and giving up old habits to make room for new things. A friend was sharing on Facebook about her weight struggles and I wished her well on getting started and shared that I “take 2 steps forward and 1 step back. But I keep moving.” I wasn’t trying to be clever, but I realize after reading it, moving forward is the goal. The goal in growing a business, raising a family or losing weight is not to avoid obstacles, have failures or only win. The goal is to keep moving.

Meet The Robinsons Keep Moving Forward

I lost my 5%, I stayed accountable for several months and I did it with someone I love. Those are all wonderful, moving forward steps. I gained 3 pounds back. And I was disappointed in myself. But should I be really? I could quit now, like I have in the past. I could throw the towel in and say, “Well Molly, you screwed it up. The good changes are over!”

moving forward
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Or I can choose to keep moving. I can keep moving forward knowing that there will be more obstacles. And I can remind myself that I can re-lose those 3 pounds plus more!

Momentum is a beautiful thing. It is the magic that happens when we start a new project or have a new goal and it is that sweet spot where we are succeeding and winning. Our momentum propels us forward, sometimes effortlessly. And when something stalls or stops the momentum, like a boat with the wind knocked out of the sales, we feel lost and sometimes even wrecked. But unlike a sail boat, you are not at the mercy of the wind and waves. You can decide to redirect away from the things that took you off your target. And you can keep moving forward toward the goals you want to achieve.

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Feel free to share your own upcoming goals, projects… things that you want to keep moving forward on.



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