March Madness, Sweet 16, Final Four or The Big Dance? If you feel like you are jumping through hoops to figure it all out; relax this all began in a more simple way than you might imagine.  “March Madness,” made it’s first appearance as a print article in Illinois when writer, Henry V. Porter, penned the term for a state-wide high school basketball tournament. He wrote: “A little March madness may complement and contribute to sanity and help keep society on an even keel.”  Three years later, he followed up with a poem, “Basketball Ides of March,” which read in part: “A sharp-shooting mite is king tonight/ The Madness of March is running.”

March Madness


In the 80’s these terms, including March Madness, once designated for a much smaller scale, grew up and developed a life of their own. And it continues to grow.

Why do I care? I don’t play basketball and I don’t even watch it on t.v.

But, when I was in 1st grade, I won my first blue ribbon. It was for shooting a basketball into a hoop on field day. That was a long time ago, 1979,  at Jupiter Christian School in Jupiter, Florida. Not just an accomplishment because I was a petite first grader who had never shot a hoop, but also because I was a little girl who had to wear a dress to just above the knee and panty-hose. I was pretty impressed with myself. I may even have that little ribbon somewhere in my parent’s attic.

march madness gift guide basketball
Vintage 70’s Basketball Patch by MagellansBellyStudio

And there you have the full extent of my love for the game.  BUT, for some reason over the years I have been inspired to make photographs of  local hoops and courts. There is something so beautiful and simple about a hoop hung onto a garage or standing alone at an old park where everything else is outdated or gone. A hoop and a ball lead to countless hours of entertainment for 1 person, a handful or even a dozen at a time, who come to  hang out and play.

Last year I was so surprised when the trendy basketball show, Survivor’s Remorse, chose my image, Fall on Court, for use on their season 3 set.  Because it was part of the show, I think it is a great addition to the March Madness gift guide.

Fall on Court Large Print by MollysMuses



Basketball Art Photography Prints

by MollysMuses


And since March Madness dates back to 1908, I thought the March Madness Gift Guide should sport some vintage basketball from over the years.

March Madness Gift Guide


Not a basketball player and want to be a little more, “In the know?” Go down to your local park and join a pick up game.

A basketball pick-up game is started with little or no planning. Players might be invited ahead of time, but passer’s by can also join in. The rules are not strict, the game is for fun. Usually there are no referees, they are less structured and for “FUN.”


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