It’s been about 2 weeks since I decided to make a real lifestyle change. With summer temptations being all around me I started to map out a plan. And I also committed to sharing how it was going; good or bad. And so far; I think it is going well.

In my first week I was down 3.4 pounds and while that doesn’t seem like a lot compared to what contestant’s on the Biggest Loser drop in the first week. I remind myself, that this journey is not a competition with anyone else

AND 3.4 pounds is the same as 13 sticks of butter!

lifestyle change


And more butter



ALL of this PLUS 1 more stick of butter.. GONE!

Nothing to complain about.







What has my lifestyle change included so far?

  • I used my Fitbit everyday to see how much I was doing and  I joined a friendly challenge to keep me motivated
  • I ate fruit. I ate a ton of fruit. Every morning started with watermelon or bananas
  • I took my tall water bottle with me everyday to work and I finished it
  • I joined a group to keep me accountable
  • I enjoyed my glass of wine each night


My most challenging times this week have been:

  • On day 2 my husband called and offered Philly cheese steaks – I declined and had a left over chicken salad
  • My dad and my husband were trying out the new smoker with ribs!!! I didn’t avoid them, I just didn’t have the brown sugar or Coke rubbed and marinated on mine
  • The hardest moment was on our youth group Pot Luck last week – I was setting out ALL of the home baked brownies, cookies, cakes and more. I the past this is where I would cave and say, “well it’s okay I will only have 1.” This time, no. I started to several times but changed my mind. I had extra fruit and counted out the actual serving size of the tortilla chips and salsa. And I felt great after making that choice. There was as much joy in overcoming that challenge as there would have been in eating the brownie!

Somethings I have enjoyed in my new lifestyle change

  • Fresh Fruit (there is no better time of year)
  • Salads with protein – grilled chicken or taco meat –  I enjoy my salad dressing
  • Lots of chilled water
  • Sweet and Salty Granola Bars from Nature’s Valley
  • Walking our dogs more – and they like it too



Luckily,  I have not had the desire to go and buy a bunch of junk food. I believe this has more to do with my body enjoying the natural sugars in the fruits more and not craving them, rather than me having strong will power. These past 10 days I have been feeding my body what it was meant to have. I also think not being on the computer for work as many hours in the day has helped with my cravings a lot. I am not seeing all of the advertisements and dare I say… all of the tantalizing food recipes on Pinterest.

If you know you want to make a lifestyle change, or are already on your journey; Jump in!  Follow along with me and let me know in the comments how it is going for you.




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