Happy Popcorn Day!~

Did you even know there was such a thing as National Popcorn Day? I am diving into some of these less known but indulgent holidays this year on my blog and I have to admit, popcorn is one I can get in on.

My 40 year history of popcorn goes something sort of like this.

It was the 70’s when I first remember eating popcorn., And I remember it because it was an event. It was Jiffy Pop on the stove. If you have never tried it, it’s amazing for a kid to watch the foil grown into a balloon and for me it was equally entertaining to listen to the shake of my moms hand back and forth on the stove and then the sound of the popcorn popping.

Jiffy Pop Popcorn
Happy National Popcorn Day

Next I remember our family getting an air popper. It was awesome, there was even a place on top to put your butter and melt it (this was before microwaves). This meant that instead of a family sharing one little Jiffy Pop popcorn pack, there was almost like an endless supply. I vaguely remember hearing my dad say to my mom one night after I inhaled a bowl, “where did she put it all?”

When I was tween, growing up in Daytona Beach our mall had a gourmet popcorn stand where you  could choose a box of your favorite. My daddy always got caramel. This was good stuff. The smell wafted down the mall and it was visually stimulating to look at all those popped kernels with the added deliciousness.


Happy Popcorn Day



The next popcorn wave – trend that I remember is when the fun tins with puppy’s and kitty cats on the outside became a thing. These were super fun to receive as a family gift, there were dividers inside for 4 different flavors and at the end, my fingers were always orange from chowing down on the cheddar.

When I was a teenager we got a microwave and the next huge cool way to cook the kernels. And it didn’t just become a thing, it was the thing. It almost seemed like every air popper vanished. It was pretty good, I ate it because it was there. And then, it became a “healthy food” or so the diet guru’s said and so you could smell bare naked popcorn, which to me smells more like burning hair, cooking at every office around lunch time. And they said you could “eat the whole bag”

We got rid of our microwave a few years ago and I am so glad. It forced me to get out the air popper (which I think is the one my mom got when I was younger) our popcorn is so good. And now, we buy sprinkle toppings. It’s a thing if you haven’t tried it, butter, cheddar, ranch. You can even have buffalo style.

Every year our son, who is on his way to Eagle Scout, sells at least $500 worth of popcorn, pre-popped and flavored, microwave and air pop kernels~! We are never without.

Vintage Boy Scout Popcorn Tin

I think popcorn has stood the test of time and always will. Why, It’s Cheap, fast and super easy to make it into anything you want.

You don’t have to go all out, but it would be easy to make a little buffet tonight for National Popcorn Day.

DIY Popcorn Bar


  • Ah Jiffy Pop…. I remember Mom making that. And yes, it was fun to watch the foil blow up! My family (me excluded) loves popcorn. So much so that we have one of those popcorn machines sort of like they have in movie theaters. It’s perfect for our weekly Outdoor Movie Nights in the Summer, and is even used frequently for indoor movies in the Winter months. I used to like popcorn…until one unfortunate experience, but best I don’t go into the details (LOL). Fun article Molly! Enjoy your popcorn!

    • mowphoto@aol.com

      Uh Oh! You can always replace popcorn with chocolate for Movie Night JD
      I bet movie outdoor night at your place is a blast.

  • What a fun post! Interestingly, I was reading it while eating some freshly made popcorn. I do use my microwave to pop my kernels, but I put the kernels themselves in a brown paper bag. First, I put the kernels in a bowl with some olive oil and whatever I want to use for seasoning. Stir it around. Put it in a brown paper bag and microwave. Yum!

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