Happy Pig Day!  While in kindergarten, our  bus driver stopped at his farm on the way to school and allowed us to see the baby pigs and their mom in the barn. That is my first Pig memory.

Did you even know National Pig Day existed? It does and it  falls on March 1 every year.


National Pig Day in top hat
Vintage Piggy Bank Figurine

So, bacon not included, how many famous or popular pigs can you think of?  The first one on my list is the little girl pig from the children’s book, “If you give a pig a pancake.” I really enjoyed reading this to our kids when they were small

National Pig Day Book
If you Give a Pig A Pancake – Felt Pancake Set from TandeFarmersMarket

There is something so sweet and funny about a pig being able to dance and frolic gracefully on her hooves. The piggy in, “If you Give a Pig A Pancake,” does that well in her birthday suit; something Olivia Pig would never consider. Olivia is a refined pig always dressed in her signature color, red! And she was a favorite of our daughter’s and started the on going question in our home, “MOM, can I have a pig?”

Next, I thought of  Charlotte’s Web and WILBUR! Ahhhh dear dear Wilbur. He really was Some Pig. And he might have been the most famous pig ever. In fact Wilbur  paved the way for BABE, who I must admit, I was never a fan of.

Wilbur National Pig
Charlotte’s Web

And the Trendiest pig around, an Actual Pig, now turned into a “character,” Chris P Bacon on Wheels. This pig is a survivor, he has his own Facebook page and his very own book!

Famous National Pig
Chris P Bacon My Life So Far

The last famous pig I have to mention was the beginning and the center of one of the most Infamous fights ever. The Hatfields and McCoys began their feud over a pig that was or was not stolen, (depending whose side you are on.)  There was a trial that took place in a cabin. I don’t have a photo of the famous swine, but I do have a photograph of the cabin that I took while traveling the Hatfield McCoy geo-trail.

Hatfield McCoy Pig Trial Cabin Art Photography Print – MollysMuses


Hopefully this post gives you some inspiration to celebrate National Pig Day 2017.  Curl up with a nice book or your famout PIG  movie.

And if you need a themed snack to go with it, how about some chocolate covered bacon…. SWAP for Turkey of course!

National Pig Day
Chocolate Covered Bacon Recipe

According to the National Holiday blog, “the day was created in 1972 by two sisters, Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynne Rave.  Ellen was a school teacher in Lubbock, Texas and Mary was from Beaufort, North Carolina.  According to Mary Lynne Rave, the purpose of National Pig Day is “to accord the pig its rightful, though generally unrecognized, place as one of man’s most intellectual and domesticated animals.”


  • Your post is great, Molly! I remember being chased by the HUGE pigs at my Grandma’s neighbors farm. Those pigs did not like us kids in their pen! We celebrated National Pig Day by having BLTs for lunch – thanks to those pigs!

  • When I was little, I had a Pipsqueak stuffed pig. When you squeezed its nose, it snorted, but I didn’t ever do that because I didn’t want his fur to get matted. Many tears were shed over my siblings’ mistreatment of that pig! I think pigs are as good of a thing to celebrate as any, so I’m glad there’s Pig Day.

    • mowphoto@aol.com

      Laura that’s cute.
      Our daughter got a toy pig from her brother this year (its actually a dog toy)
      And it snorts really low and gets the dogs going;)

  • I thought of Wilbur on Charlotte’s Web right away, but then my next thought was Arnold on Green Acres. LOL We raised two pigs when I was young. They were pretty ornery. Perhaps they knew they were destined for the kitchen table.

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