Goulash or Galoshes? Have you had either?  I’ve experienced both. To me, the only thing they have in common is the fun swishy sound they make when the words come off the tongue.

Goulash is something my mom cooked often for us growing up. I like it best on chilly nights. It is a comfort food that can go a long way, is affordable and is also a great dish to take to a family in need of a meal. I will share a recipe at the bottom. But this post is about the other swish – the one made with rubber and not noodles.

As a child in the 70’s, I remember one pair of galoshes. They were a kid friendly color, although I can’t remember which one. There was a fun stretchy band that hooked the front closed. We live in Pennsylvania and so I honestly can’t remember if I was wearing them in the spring for rain, or if we were keeping my shoes dry in the snow.

Recently a favorite shopping spot for me, the Nomadic Trading Company, which is actually a large warehouse with antiques, vintage items and salvaged pieces brought in hundreds of pairs of vintage, new in the box Shoes. I bought a few pair for fun to add to my vintage shop. But the pair that caught my eye were called Rubbers! I had never heard that term for shoes and had never seen shoe rubbers that were so styled.

And so, here is my little collection of these shoe covers through out the years.

1940's Galoshes



1960's Galoshes1940’s Galoshes by mollysmuses featuring black strap shoes
So now you know how you can slick up your rainy day fashion with new or vintage galoshes, over shoes, rain boots or rubbers.
And as promised… a goulash recipe. This recipe is very similar to mine, however, I do not add the canned tomatoes and I add bell pepper.
American Goulash



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