Do you love the timeless feeling of classic automobiles and trucks?  What if you could go to an event that was specifically an “Old Ford Truck Show?” I know I would go, with my camera in hand.

Walking through and seeing all of the high polished colors and sleek designs is something that draws most people in. And for me, I also like to see the owners of the vehicles. It’s funny sometimes to see how much they match their “ride.”

Here is a little virtual Old Ford Truck show, that you don’t have to leave your house to go to and you can shop without having to build a new garage.

I thought I would start with a BAM! Because who knew food trucks were around in 1919? And it was a Ford.

Old Ford Truck Show
First Food Truck 1919

And what goes better with a food truck then an ice cold Coca Cola?  I had no idea that their delivery trucks were Ford. This old Ford truck is from 1935.

Black White vintage photo
Old Ford – Coca Cola Delivery Truck

These Old Ford Trucks that were at one time new, also served our country. This is Priscilla Taylor, next to a 1943 Ford truck. She was an African American truck driver serving in the Women’s Army Corps

Womens Army Corp Truck Driver
Old Ford Truck 1943 Priscilla Taylor

Why am I drawn to Old Ford Trucks? I am not a man and I wasn’t alive when these trucks were new on the road.

Well, my daddy’s first truck was a 1951 Ford International. When he saw one, that was just like his, I went back to take photograph’s so that he could enjoy reminiscing that experience daily with them framed on his office wall.

Old Ford Truck Photo
Rustic Ford International Truck Photography
Ford trucks are of course THE classic for the USA. The trucks from the 50’s were nostalgic, big and everything a good country song looks like.

In writing this post and searching for old Ford trucks, I had the wonderful discovery of this black and white documentary photographer, William Gedney. I cannot believe as a photographer, I did not know his work before.  But doesn’t this vintage photograph, “Boy in driver’s seat of truck,” really give a complete picture of life as a country boy behind the wheel of one of these brutes in the 60’s?

Old Ford Truck Photo
William Gedney Boy in drivers seat
 These classic Ford International trucks, Custom Cab, have been preserved with a shine and luster that would no doubt make their original owners smile. I love the turquoise blue and white together. It’s nostalgia and America all rolled into one.

Custom Cab 1960's Ford Truck Photography
Ford International Truck Prints

Did you or do you own an Old Ford Truck? I would love to hear about your love affair with this classic object in American history.


  • Old vehicles have so much character. Unlike their modern counterparts, they seemed to have had a soul of their own. I too love to photograph old vehicles – their unique lines, shapes, and colors make it fun. I’ve enjoyed the photos and your article – thanks for sharing!


      Wow I bet that is a cool memory.
      I have never ridden in a Model T but saw one at an old farm one time.
      Thanks for sharing

  • What a wonderful post, Molly! The old photos are fabulous, and the subject matter speaks to me. My dad worked 42 years on the assembly line at the Ford plant in Louisville, KY. When I was a kid, the unveiling of the new car of the year was a HUGE event for us. Great memories. Love those old trucks!

  • Great pics!! I wish I knew the make of truck my dad had when we were growing up. I would love to hang a picture of it. Vehicles were so narrow then as were the 2-lane highways we traveled on. We road six across, double-decker style (sitting on each other’s laps) when the whole family road in Dad’s truck. Of course, there weren’t any seat belt laws because there weren’t any seat belts.

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