What do you do when a friend brings you a basketful of red-hot cayenne peppers? Don’t worry, this is not a hot pepper challenge post!

My heart was so full of joy. What a generous gift, grown with love and hand-picked off the vine. I didn’t want to let any of them go to waste.  Immediately inspired by their shape, color and texture, I could hardly wait for the next morning’s natural light to make some photographs.

I have always been deeply inspired by the Old Master photographer’s of the past. Especially the brilliant work of Edward Weston. This is one of his most famous pepper images.

pepper photography
Master Photographer Edward Weston’s Pepper #30

But, Mr. Weston was not consciously on my mind while I was shooting them and there is a stark contrast in our visions and sense of humor. And he was, well, Edward Weston. Sensual, moody and dark.

Instead, silly songs with HOT lyric’s from my past started playing in my head.

Songs like:

“Feeling Hot hot hot, ole ole… ole ole, ” Or the 80’s song, “Some like it Hot,” Even the Cure had a song, ” Hot Hot Hot.” These bright red beauties just make me feel happy. I enjoy bright colors in my kitchen.

hot cayenne pepper decor
Cayenne Pepper Kitchen Photography

What do you think of when you see a picture of a pepper or hear,  “hot pepper?” I think of Mexican food, salsa and chips, comfort food like chile and football game appetizers. But one thing all of these things have in common are Good times with Good Friends and Family. Most people don’t sit down to a spicy queso dip alone.

People have been using peppers to decorate their space’s for years. Here is a tiny collection of retro – vintage items I found to spice up your kitchen and your next party.

HOT Cayenne Pepper Vintage Items

What did I do with the cayenne peppers after I photographed them? I went online and learned how to dry them. They are still in the process and then we will have red-hot pepper flakes for cooking this fall and winter.  I found this guy, Pepper Joe charming and easy to learn from.



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