When was the last time you felt the urge to make a “lifestyle change?” Maybe it’s now. Or maybe you have already made a change and succeeded. Maybe you tried and fell down and it’s time to get back up again.

lifestyle change
ME doing the “mom hide” at our son’s recent NHS induction

I am a mom of 2 teens and through out the years I have been fit and unfit physically. Hiding from the camera has been a lifestyle for me. Being a photographer has made that easy. At this point in my life with our kids getting closer to graduating;  I am tired of hiding and I want to feel my best. I talked to my Dr.  and he told me something I have heard before but cast off as cliche’.

“Don’t go on a diet, make a lifestyle change.”

How do I make a lifestyle change and where do I start? What will be my motivation? I am not sure yet.

I can tell you what this lifestyle change is not:

It is not a competition with anyone else
It is not to be a tough mudder or a spartan
It’s not about trying to be the size I was in highschool
It’s not for anyone but me 🙂

I could get mad at myself for not taking care of this on New Year’s Day~

Most people worry about gaining weight over the Christmas holidays. There are so many cookie trays, appetizers, cocktails and full course meals; if you participate in all of the party’s, it’s almost impossible to not gain weight. I don’t know anyone that would choose to make a lifestyle change during the holidays. But I do know lots of people who try on New Year’s day.

Personally, I stopped trying on New Years. I learned through experience and disappointment that I wouldn’t hang in there.  And, I am not alone in failing. Did you know 80% of people quit by February?

So why now?  Summer temptations are the hardest for  me.  I love the casual dining atmosphere with friends and family. We do lots of backyard campfires and camping during summer  they always include drinks, smore’s and other goodies to snack on while we chat into the evening, staring at the glow and inhaling the smoke. It’s a magical concoction.

This is the delicious breakfast I made when we were camping last week.

Raspberry French Toast Camping Style in Foil Packet


Cook outs and BBQ’s are tied for first place with camping and fires. Unlike Christmas parties that have a relatively short window to hang out and eat.  Summer cook outs can last all day and into the evening. Going back for 2nds and even 3rds is the norm at summer get together’s. Sometimes more meat even gets thrown on the grill.

Cook Out BBQ

BUT,  summer also offers the most opportunity to be outside; walking, hiking, swimming, kayaking, shooting and geocaching.

I am looking for YOUR suggestions and experiences. Have you ever made a real lifestyle change and if you did? Were you successful? What changes did you make? Do you avoid temptations or give in to them? I would love to get a conversation going.

Things I have done so far

  • charged the Fitbit, I have the Alta ( if you use one, let’s connect for some challenges)
  • have a proper water bottle and got some essential oil drops for in it (grapefruit)
  • looked at my local YMCA class schedule (I need to write the times in my calendar)
  • made the decision to prepare 75% of what we eat (I need to make a grocery list)
  • decided 2 times per day even if it is only long walks
  • researched the term lifestyle change – “Lifestyle changes are a process that take time and require support

So at least once a week, I will be checking in here to share how it’s going. Good or bad.

I am truly looking forward to hearing your successes and struggles. What has worked and what has not.


  • Linda Long

    Oh, Molly, I try to eat healthily, I read labels to find foods that have minimal ingredients that are recognizable and that I can pronounce, it is called clean eating. I have been buying organic products since hubby has been fighting cancer and cook most all of our meals. My favorite cookie recipe can be found by searching the “Healthiest Cookie Ever” Cookies made with 100% whole food ingredients for a healthy treat anytime. 1 1/2 cups raw walnut or pecan halves. 1 cup Medjool dates, pitted (about 12) 1/4 teaspoon salt. 1/2 teaspoon baking soda. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. 1 flax egg (1 tablespoon ground flax or chia seeds + 3 tablespoons water). I wish you success in your lifestyle change; it just takes repetition to become a habit. There are times when I eat things that do not fit into my healthy lifestyle plan but, I don’t stress over it. I just try to do better next time.

    • mowphoto@aol.com

      The Healthiest Cookie ever sounds like a power snack. I will check that out.
      I admit I have never even heard of a Medjool:)
      Thanks Linda and I wish you continued success with the changes you have made.

      • Linda Long

        The Medjool dates are in the produce department of most grocery stores, they need to be pitted. I also use Dole dates already pitted in a package, I fill up a measuring cup. I also use dark chocolate chips. Everyone loves them!

  • Ah yes… the “mom hide”, I know that move. Like you, I’m also happy that I’m usually the one behind the camera!

    Yes, a lifestyle change is always a good thing. It doesn’t have to be hard – I just find different ways to do the things I always do to make them a little more challenging so I can get a workout in doing them. I’m usually most fit in the Spring through Fall – mainly because of working in all my gardens and on landscape maintenance. Nothing like doing squats several thousand times a day while picking weeds! We swim every day when the weather is nice, even at night under the stars. Swimming is the PERFECT exercise after gardening all day! In the Spring through Fall, I also spend a lot of time walking through flea markets – sure, I may not be “speed walking” all the time (just from parking lots to flea market booths), but it definitely feels good to be outside walking at any pace. I also get a bit of “weight lifting” in while carrying all the treasures I find – LOL. I love to cook (from scratch), and I try to find at least 4 new recipes to try each week. When cooking with whole, unprocessed foods, you control exactly what goes into each meal. And yes, I’m in on that “Instant Pot craze” right now – I think it is the perfect appliance for cooking in the Spring and Summer! No ovens to heat up the house, no standing over the stove watching pots – just set it and forget it. This has given me lots more “free” time to do other things. Like pick more weeds – LOL. I’ve never used a Fitbit or similar device, so I am anxious to follow your success stories to see how you’re doing! Thanks for the inspiration, Molly. Wishing you the best!

    • mowphoto@aol.com

      JD swimming under the stars sounds more than amazing. I have never used an “instant” pot but I actually just printed a crock pot recipe out for tonight. I love the set it and forget it. What I am enjoying about the fitbit already is that it connects you to your friends who have one on and you can cheer each other to go farther and there are fun challenges.

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