One of the coolest things I remember as a kid about eating out in the 70’s and 80’s were the novelty gifts you could collect. We didn’t eat a lot of fast food when I was little, but when we did, I loved getting a Happy Meal. I remember one Happy Meal container in particular that was green, plastic and round like a space ship. It came with the decals to stick on and decorate yourself. My sister and I set it up for my hamster, Dolly Dimples to play in.

80's novelty
Vintage McDonald’s Spaceship Happy Meal

Looking back I guess we were more of a McDonald’s family when we did eat out because we also had a full set of melmac dishes with Ronald, Grimace and the rest of the gang for the 4 seasons.

Retro Happy Meal Novelty
Vintage McDonald’s Plate 1970s

As an adult I find myself being completely giddy when I find the collectible drinking glasses from the 80’s. The vibrant colors of the cartoon characters always make me smile. A few years back I found a pair of vintage Miss Piggy drinking glasses that I bought for my vintage shop. While they are cute to look at, if you were growing up in that time, they bring back happy memories. Memories of Saturday mornings and simpler ย times when cartoons were made for kids!

Muppets Drinking Glass
Vintage Miss Piggy Glasses

And thankfully, some people kept these delightful retro pieces just to look at. Myself, I enjoyed and continue to enjoy using mine.

My sister was a big Care Bear fan and I am sure she would have wanted these if we would have had a Pizza Hut near us.

80's Retro Drinking Glass
Vintage Care Bear Glasses

This is one retro novelty glass that if I ever come across will be all mine. I know it sounds selfish, but IT’S PAC-MAN~

80's novelty
Pac-Man Collectible Drinking Glass

Here is a little round-up in case you are searching for something special:

Thats So 80's




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