When we went on a cruise for our anniversary, we discovered the art and taste of a beautifully made martini. There is something special about this classic cocktail.

The tall glass with the wider top,  the special treats on the bottom of the glass ( olives, chocolate, fruit) all make the drink more exciting.

Shopping for the ingredients, getting out the bar ware and then the preparation to present the polished off drink is a classy experience.

When my grandmother was alive, dirty martini’s were her favorite. I never had one with her. I don’t like olives and so I thought the drinks were probably gross.

I wish I would have enjoyed at least 1 with her. I still don’t like to eat olives, But I do enjoy the flavor they add to my drink.

At this point I haven’t met one of these special mixed drinks that I don’t like. But for the sake of nostalgia, here is a classic Dirty Martini Recipe.

Dirty Martini Recipe

Here are some vintage ideas to start your own home bar or booze cart.


Entertaining with Style
And here are a few more touches to inspire you to have friends over for cocktails:



A Man Walks into a bar


ALWAYS chill your glass before making your drink. It’s worth the extra effort, I promise. This is the way “Dr. Booze,” did it on the cruise ship and how we do it at home.



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