Easy Way to Seasonally Change the Look of a Room

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When the seasons change, I admit I like to decorate and I also admit I like it to be easy. When I get the urge to decorate I need to be able to make my vision happen or life gets in the way and it never gets done. As a fine art photographer and a vintage collector I always have stuff to choose from. But I like some fun pieces that don’t have to be out all year.
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Throw pillows and their decorative covers are on of the hottest trends going. I didn’t understand it at first and I didn’t offer them for sale right away. But after purchasing one for my mothers home with the fall cat on it and seeing how easy just changing out the cover of the pillow changed the look from summer to fall , I am hooked.

Indian Corn Pillow – looks awesome with leather or wood grain furniture


    Squash Cat – looks great in a primitive setting, but is so cute he works in a modern aparment too