The Forest is Calling

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The Forest is Calling

Woodland Forest Art Photo
Forest Photography by MollysMuses

The forest is always calling in Pennsylvania. It is beautiful here.  But winter can be long and continuing to feel inspired can sometimes be hard. We still partake in the snow and go out in the gray but when spring comes, it’s exciting to get the camera out and capture all of the new life,  bold color and light that’s directed from God.

On the way home from a very recent geocaching and camping trip we stopped for a hike at a new place, I felt so connected to the moment. I was hoping to shoot GREEN THINGS, for a monthly color challenge. Yes, there was green, lots and lots of green. But I was able to capture so much more. Not just in my camera, but also deep inside myself.

I was really awe-struck by how authentically present I was for that walk and inspired. Nothing outside of the moment on my mind, truly connected to my spirit. It was an AWESOME feeling.

Tree Photography
Enchanted Woodland Forest by MollysMuses

I ended up with a series of green images from the trail. And I felt compelled to create my first topography print. I didn’t want to jump on the band wagon last year with it and even when I heard my inner voice saying, “The Forest is Calling,” I resisted for 10 days. But I couldn’t help it. And I really like it. Perhaps a new series will begin from it, a series of prints of when I remember my spirit.

The Forest is Calling
Forest Photography Print by MollysMuses

How do you connect to your spirit? Maybe it’s the ocean, maybe it’s riding a motorcycle or painting a picture. Maybe you connect while being in prayer. If you haven’t felt that connection in a long time, maybe so long you have forgotten what it felt like (as I had), I encourage you to try some new things and feel it. We were created to feel it.