The Joy of Greeting Cards

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In an age where everything is instant and downloadable, wouldn’t you agree there is something special about receiving something in the mailbox?
I love seeing an envelope addressed to me and then looking to see who it’s from, where it was postmarked and I also enjoy looking at the stamps.

Vintage Unused Christmas Stamps

But when something comes in an envelope the 2nd part of opening it in anticipation of what’s inside is the real treat.
Some years my family has made handmade Christmas cards to mail to our friends and family. This was one of those years and they were less than perfect, little hand cut gingerbread men covered in glitter. Even though they weren’t perfect, we went with it and mailed them because I knew they would bring smiles to our friends. Some friends may have wondered, What Were They Thinking? Other’s may have smiled at their silliness and there may have even been a few who cursed us for the glitter~
I participated in a card card exchange this year with a photography team I belong to, Female Photographers of Etsy or FPOE.
I received beautiful cards, some were handmade and most included a photograh made by the sender.
I sent this photograph in a wallet size to all of my team mates.

If I were to purchase something to display cards in my home, I really love this wine cork board.

Handmade WIne Cork Board in Vintage Frame by:

But what to do with all of the beautiful cards when we are done displaying them?
My fellow photographer friend and paper crafter, Lisa Bonowicz shared what she does with hers. She binds them, almost like mini scrapbooks. I love this idea, I wish I would have started doing this years ago. I am thinking you could even add a recipe card for what was served that year on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Favorite cookies etc.
And I especially love the idea of being able to go back and see the handwriting of people I love.
Lisa’s photography can be found at Lisa Bonowicz and her paper crafting can be found at The Orange Sparrow.