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Seashells, there is something inspiring and meditative about collecting them at the beach. Whether you are a natural collector of objects or not, maybe its the texture, the color, the shine or the feeling under your feet when you spot it along the ocean’s edge, there is an impulsive need to pick it up. Millions of shells, scattered and you suddenly feel the need to pick up… That One! When I was a little girl we put them in our beach buckets. I remember making art with them. One time I made an owl, glued together from several shells to make a paper weight and I gave it to my Uncle for a birthday present. ┬áMaybe the attraction to this beautiful, surreal part of nature is that most of the time we never see what they looked like when they were alive. They are mysterious, living on the ocean floor, where most of us never go.

Low Tide Treasure who created the owl below has a great post on how to clean shells after you collect them.

Seashell Art
Wide Owl from SeasellsWe love seashells.


When my grandma who loved the beach could no longer live alone moved up north to be with family, I bought her a bag of shells. She loved touching them and moving them around. Her eyesight was poor but she could feel the edges and inside and outside of the shell and was inspired to move them around. The still life photographs I made are from those shells.

Seashell Art
Fine Art Seashell Photography

I went shopping with my daughter yesterday and beach life and mermaid living are all the trend. There are bathing suits that are long mermaid tails, shirts that say, “Mermaid Hair, Don’t Care.” These fun trends are not just for little girls. A way to bring the mermaid life into your own home is with shell decor: art prints, mirrors and even chimes.

Beach House Decor
Vintage Seashell Mirror
Ocean Cottage Decor
Vintage Seashell Chimes

And for the girl who wants to take her shells with her

Shell Choker Necklace
Vintage Seashell Necklace

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