Is Art a Luxury?

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artist:MariaWojtiuk Poland

IS ART A LUXURY? This question was posed today by scoutiegirl, a blogger that I follow faithfully.
As an artist, but I feel more IMPORTANTLY as a LOVER OF ART, the answer has to be yes.Art is luxury because it is something to be breathed in, tasted, swallowed and savored. I know if I was a bazillionaire after giving lots of money away, I would have a house full of ART, why because it makes me feel good. Art that I love inspires me, changes my mood, makes me think and is a momentary visual vacation.
I also love the idea of being able to help support artists and I don’t think people who are not active art collector’s or artists themselves realize what they are really paying for when they buy original art from an artist. There is a perception that it may be too expensive. For me, I never judge a piece to be too expensive, I know that it takes hard work, skill and talent to create a piece and more importantly if it is something I would like to own, then that artist has become a kindred spirit to me through their work:)
I only know that many times I cannot afford it now, rather than thinking it is too expensive.
That being said, for people who live in cities there are amazing FREE resources to look at beautiful works of art…. they are called MUSEUMS… I could spend all day there. And just visiting a museum feel like a luxury to me. My favorite museum that I have visited is The Legion of Honor. I am actually a little teary thinking about it because I had the HONOR to visit it twice with my mentor and dear friend Jack Welpott, who passed away a year ago. His birthday would have been yesterday. He brought me to this amazing place in San Fransisco and we saw everything from Van Gogh, Monet, Manet and Bourgerau. The second time I visited we went and saw the exhibit of Georgia Okeefe. I can feel the whole experience again right now just thinking of it.
Another free place to enjoy art is to visit galleries. Take it all in and see what you connect to and fall in love with.
And of course there is lots of free window shopping online for art now. Including on of my favorite sites ETSY. I love it because I can talk to the artists directly without a middle person.
Remember just because you don’t have the money now, you can enjoy the arts and let it be a part of your life and if you are an artist or gallery owner, don’t take for granted the shopper who windows shops often, they are appreciating what you have to offer and they very well someday may come and make a purchase.
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