How do you like to Warm Up in Autumn?

orange white pumpkin photo
Pumpkin Patch Photography


I know some people who will hold out until the first snow to turn their heaters on. To my surprise, our’s already fired up once. We have it set to 68. And, I didn’t turn it off.

I like to embrace the morning chill with warm cozy socks and big sweaters and boots. Snuggling under the covers to keep warm just a little longer always feels good, unless it makes you late!

Drinking  hot beverages from favorite mugs makes the season even more special.  I also seem to be more inspired to look up recipes and cook. Crock pot recipes always appeal to me in the fall.

Homemade Hot Apple Cider
Warm up with Homemade Apple Cider
Warm Rust Beret
Chunky Knit Hat


A huge part of what makes the fall special is the warm colors


Multi Strand Necklace
Multi Strand Necklace



In September the colors are bright but now through winter, I am drawn more to the muted colors of the leaves that have fallen and are now crunchy on the ground. Colors like Burnt Sienna, Potter’s Clay or traditional Rust represent the leaves that are past their peak and a premonition of the bareness that is soon upon us.

Country Pumpkin Photo
Country Pumpkin Photo



We enjoy going to the pumpkin patch, finding our way through corn mazes (the older our kids get, the harder the mazes get), buying fresh picked apples, raking big piles of leaves to take pictures in. We also like to go bike riding on rails to trails where the leaves are covering the ground. What are some of your end of autumn favorites?

Warm Sienna
Hand Painted Silk Scarf




If you love to invest in permanent pieces and the warmth of fall color appeals to you all year long, here are so ideas to incorporate it.

Burnt Sienna, Warm Rust
Hand Thrown Ceramic Vessels, Autumn Colors
Warm Fall Colors 1960s Home
Vintage Glass Enamel Ashtray

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