The 2016 Olympics ended last night and it was as clear as ever;  athleticism, sports and competition are a universal language. It’s an awesome thing to see people who live ocean’s apart, that many times cannot even have a verbal conversation, step onto a field, into an arena or onto a court and celebrate life through their sport.

But how does this work out in a day-to-day life and on a smaller level? And how about a specific sport?  Basketball.  Big city, small town, indoors or outside, hoop on garage or foam hoop on the back of a bedroom door; If someone loves basketball and see’s a ball and hoop they are going to pick it up and play. All alone, one on one, pick up games, at the high school or professionally.

So I was pleasantly surprised early last winter when I was contacted by a set designer from the STARZ network to purchase a print of a photograph I made in a very small town, (population 1200) “Fall on the Court,” to use on a much-loved t.v. series,  Survivor’s Remorse. The people in this show: successful, beautiful, wealthy and living a much faster paced life. But the photograph speaks across the board because of the love for basketball.

Survivors Remorse Season 3
Basketball Art Photography by MollysMuses

Not rich and famous? That’s okay. You can still have the look.  You can purchase it directly from the artist, me.

My inspiration behind this photograph was the design on the basketball court, the colors, textures and the leaves that had landed from the fall trees.

basketball decor photo
Basketball Art Photography by MollysMuses

And if you are decorating a space with a sports or basketball decor theme, here are some other prints you might enjoy:


Basketball Decor
Fine Art Basketball Photography Prints by MollysMuses

The photographs above include neighborhood basketball courts, old rustic hoops and the one with the yellow backboard is in Haiti. Island basketball? Once again,  Yes, everywhere.

If you are a basketball lover I would love to hear your favorite memory or place to play.




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