I’m Molly and I enjoy creating photographs for galleries – exhibits and commercial walls as well as offering them to people for their own personal spaces. I also love collecting vintage “treasures.” In my own home I enjoy combining the two and that’s why enjoy sharing both in my shops, MollysMuses and MollyFinds.

I am one lady with several passions and when you purchase from me, every item comes directly from me. If it’s a photograph, it is a piece of a memory from somewhere I have been or something I have seen. If it’s vintage it is something I was inspired to collect as treasure.

A little bit about what I offer:Featured image

I used to only create black and white, wet dark room prints. So when you go to my black and white galleries, you will experience black and white images that I edit to look as close to a wet dark room print as possible. My most recent show is, Enchanted by Simplicity, a black and white collection of country churches found along the back roads of Pennsylvania, which I received a grant for.

The past 7 years I have really gotten into digital color photography and in my color images I really strive to show purpose to the color. These pieces are usually nostalgic, or ethereal scenes you would find along a back road, which is where our family spends most of our free time, hiking – geocaching and exploring.

With the vintage items I share, I am very drawn to mid-century, Mad Men Style items, I have a fixation with lamps, planters, figurines and wall art, however, anything that catches my eye and is Authentic Vintage (over 20 years) if I like it and its in nice shape, I will bring it home for my shop.

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