We love to watch The Voice with our daughter who is a singer. She was in her first musical this month called, “Emma;” all pop songs, many from the 80’s. And she had a solo, “Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun,” by Cyndi Lauper.  This was an 80s Flash Back for me.  Her performance was one to be proud of.  Unlike the “dance routine” me and my bff did to the same song when we were in 5th grade. Our’s  was ridiculous and included forward rolls on a matt. That’ something to LOL about.

Back to, The Voice, I have been loving and getting so excited with the funky way out fashion that Miley and Alicia have been wearing. Lots of prints, bigger hair and this past week even a jumpsuit – Another 80s Flash Back Alert!

So, when we went to the city to shop this past weekend, and Ruby found a little leather jacket that she loved, I was thrilled. The 80’s has made a return. We were in Aeropostale where she found the jacket. And a couple of doors down in Charlotte Russe was an adorable pink, letterman style jacket (I secretly wanted for myself)

Flash Back Alert



Ironically on the way to the mall, she had asked me, why people like vintage? I can see why she finds it silly and weird. She sees me constantly bringing Old stuff home, carrying it upstairs to my office, taking photos of it, taking it back down to store and then bringing it back up to pack. It seems  insane to her. She is 13.

To her question, I could have come up with a lot of reasons, but the first thing that came to my mind and out of my mouth really rings the truest to my heart. I told her many people love vintage because when they see something from their own childhood or younger days, it brings back memories and if they were good memories, a time where they still felt invicible and felt like anything was possible and that those things  could bring back those feeling again.

And it’s so true. Finding authentic vintage that is from my younger days makes me smile and drums up so many thoughts of people, moments and feelings. And being a GIRL, of course the fashion was a huge part of how I expressed myself and so it gives me a huge energy charge now as a mom, who works from home with a great life, but is much less glamorous than I thought I would be when I sported pump heels in every color back in the day.

I posted on the 80’s before but today I had to give a little round up that is a mix of Authentic Vintage – an 80s Flash Back and the new stuff available in stores now. I think it would be really fun to combine the two. When possible, true vintage is the best, IMO. The accessories included are all true vintage. Check them out.

80s Flash Back
Cyndi Lauper 80’s Girls Just Wanna Have fun on Vinyl


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